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We Ain’t Them

16 May

I’m at the BNI National Directors Conference in Tampa. As a Director Consultant, I coach and support BNI chapters in my home town area (Duluth, Minnesota).

At the conference, we’ll hear many presentations that share, teach and illustrate examples and best practices of helping chapters of business owners and professionals succeed at, ultimately, getting more good business for members.

In many ways, BNI is a system; follow the steps and structures and things should work out well, if not amazingly great. Continue reading

A little goes a long way

11 Feb

On Monday and Thursday evenings I conduct Taekwondo classes at an elementary school in a nearby town through their school district’s community ed program.  I teach a class of teeny kids, then one for older kids, and then a class for teens and adults.

After teaching the older kids, I had one of my black belts start the adult class and I went to get a drink down the hall. One of my youth students, “William,” a fourth grader who waits while his dad takes part in the adult class, came along with me. We encountered the school custodian on duty, “Tim,” and I introduced Tim to William, since William actually attends that particular school. Continue reading

If integrity falls in the woods, does anyone notice it?

11 Jun

Integrity is one of the five formal tenets of Taekwondo. It’s something in which we are supposed to develop as we progress along our martial arts practice and life paths.

In the dojang, we often explain integrity, particularly to kids, simply as honesty and keeping one’s promises. We sometimes explain that integrity further entails elements such as trying your best and doing what you are supposed to do. I’ve explained that it even (or particularly) entails being a good training partner, so that one’s partner is not cheated out of good practice or, worse, gets injured because of one’s action or lack thereof. Continue reading

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