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Listening across 44 years

26 Nov

A couple of Fridays ago I was bell ringing for the Salvation Army at a supermarket in Cloquet (Minnesota) on behalf of my Rotary Club. As I was nearing the end of my shift, a small elderly woman pushing her shopping cart stopped to fish a dollar out of her handbag. After she put it in the red kettle (donate here!) she started chatting with me.

She told me a lot of people need help right now and she tried to do what she could. She explained how she is a Christian woman (Lutheran) and she believes if you are Christian you are supposed to help other people. Continue reading

Sucked into YouTube (or, YouTube s***s?)

5 Nov

I got sucked into YouTube the other day. Thankfully, it was for just a bit, about half an hour, which might be a YouTube record for the least amount of time being sucked in!

I went searching for an illustration of a particular martial arts weapon technique. Ten minutes in and out, I figured. However, in sorting through videos in those first ten minutes, and in continuing to search and gawk for the next 20, I quickly came to this conclusion: What I got was largely a great big pile of crap. Continue reading

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