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Struggling with Low T

27 Jun

This time of year, I have some challenges with the Presidents. By that I mean the presidents of the seven BNI chapters with whom I work. The presidents, or in some cases, the larger leadership teams, work with me in various ways to identify the incoming fall leadership.

One challenge we face is timing. Things just seem to move along more slowly than ideally, and sometime slowly enough to be a problem. Information has to be entered, communication begun, the incoming people have to clear their schedules for training, get oriented, identify support people, and other such transitional activities.

Another challenge is the exact role I play with each of the chapters. Each chapter has  Continue reading

Planting. Every Then and Now.

10 Jun

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

Class was done and Angie was one her way to change out of her dobok back into her street clothes. I commented to her, “You are such a different student now than when you started, and now you’re going for your first promotion test!” Angie replied, “I tell people I know that I am doing this and they can’t believe it.”

Meeting Angie on the street, one would take her to be a nonathletic, if not clumsy (sorry, Angie, but you’ve said it yourself!), middle-aged, mild-mannered librarian. She’s not a librarian, but the rest of those descriptors are pretty accurate. Yet, after knowing me for several years through my BNI work, she finally reached the combination of understanding and trust in me and my messages about Taekwondo such that she actually started classes. She wanted to do something physical and beneficial to her health. And her greater self. The self-defense benefit would be good, too. But she could have picked a lot of things to do. She picked Taekwondo. Continue reading

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