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I Never Knew the Indigo Girls

26 Dec

It seems it is in human nature to declare truths.  Most recently and vividly, I have in mind hearing Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association, speaking in the wake of the horrific Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. It’s not Mr. LaPierre’s controversial proposed solution to school shootings that I have in mind right how; it is his use of phrases such as, “The truth is . . .”. He presented a number of such truths. Continue reading

Monkeys Falling From Trees Like Crazy

16 Dec

“It’s OK; everyone has a bad day.”

There I am on a Saturday morning, having set up an agility course for students in the family class (all ages) at my Taekwondo dojang. An agility ladder. Some orange cones. Some 12″ banana steps.

At 52 years old and 19 years of Taekwondo (and Hapkido, and Kumdo) practice, I consider my footwork to be better than it’s ever been. So, to my chagrin, I demonstrated the course, and proceeded to catch the ladder with my toe several times, knock down a cone, and tip a hurdle. Not only once, but during a repeat demonstration. Continue reading

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