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Sticks and Stones

15 Sep

This past Wednesday, I was doing some good-natured teasing of some youth students prior to the start of a Taekwondo class. I told the group that I sometimes picked on them so that they could become resilient. Of course, I had to explain what I meant by that word.

To keep it simple, resiliency refers to the ability to cope with adversity. The teasing of the kids is based on my own experience of being the target of some good natured ribbing from peers and instructors throughout my years of training in Taekwondo. That interaction, as one small element in the larger process of training, accomplishing, failing, and moving through progressively greater challenges, has contributed to my own greater level of personal strength  that has developed over the years.

This teasing/chiding is not any sort of resiliency-building strategy per se. Our overall martial arts training process is what truly builds students’ confidence and strength.  Continue reading

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