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A bunch of scaredy-cats

26 Mar

What are you afraid of?  Yes, you are. You are afraid of something, likely several things. Further, those fears are controlling you; they drive your behavior, they influence your choices and affect your reactions.

Are you afraid of being alone when you are older?  Do you fear losing your job? How about losing your reputation? Are you afraid of what people might think of you (whatever that means)?  Do you fear not being able to keep up with the Jones (or appearing so)? Continue reading

Stepping out

9 Mar

A year or so ago, a boy and his dad showed up at my Taekwondo school. In my school’s lobby that first visit, “Alex”, about eight years old, hid behind his dad’s leg, not being particularly interactive, and saying he was afraid. The Taekwondo class he observed was intriguing to him, but he kept saying he wasn’t sure he could do it and that he was scared.

You see, Alex has a diagnosis on the autism scale. Continue reading

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