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How To Avoid Getting Trapped in the Web

26 Jun

“Hello, this is Chris.”
“Hi, Chris, it’s Tom Marchetti; does that ring any bells?”
“Gee, your name sounds familiar, but sorry, I’m not making the connection.”
I was at RYLA; my mom is Sue Ma . . .”
“Oh, gee, yeah, TOM! I can’t believe I didn’t recognize your name. I remember you clearly.”

So it continued for a bit with Tom, a camper several summers ago at our Rotary District 5580 Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp. A rising high school senior then, he has graduated from college and is working in a professional sales position. He thought of me as someone he could contact as part of his outreach.

Before we wrapped up that phone conversation, I stopped to ask Tom what about RYLA has stuck with him. He didn’t hesitate before he told me this:

“You know that Spider Web challenge my family (team) did? We completed it, but I think almost all of us had touched the strings in some way. When our facilitators asked us after how we think it went, we all knew we had touched the string and at first no one wanted to say anything; we were so happy and relieved to complete it. I knew then what integrity was. We admitted it, tried it over, and accomplished it. I still think about that all the time.”

My head and heart were exploding! Continue reading

Paging Dad

20 Jun

Father’s Day 2016. I got my Father’s Day text message from my son early in the morning: “Happy Father’s Day, dad. I love you very much.”  That was simply the most warming text I could get.

Robb’s text got me thinking back to what we’ve shared as a boy and his dad: our relationship, experiences, the good, the bad the ugly. The joys and and the regrets. At times I’ve thought, if not uttered, “If I could do it over . . .”.  But why? He’s married to an amazing young woman, completed law school, has a budding legal career, is a heck of a decent and fun guy, and loves me very much. Perfect.

One thing we’ve shared nearly our entire lives together has been Taekwondo. Continue reading

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