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Are you serious? A lesson, a question and a BONUS TIP!

28 Sep

I went to a wonderful event this past Thursday evening.  For the first time, I attended the annual dinner for the Lake Superior Chapter of BNI. I’ve been a member of the chapter since last January, having transferred from a different chapter in Cloquet, about 20 miles south of Duluth. I am also the chapter’s regional Director Consultant, providing training, coaching and support to help them (us) succeed. I also support three other area chapters. All told, I’ve got about six years in BNI, but am only in my first yearly cycle with the Lake Superior chapter.

It was a nice dinner at the local Radisson. Social hour first. We changed tables to sit/talk with different chapter members for each of the three courses. The outgoing leadership and support teams were thanked. The outgoing chapter president was roasted, and it was obvious that the members who presented their humorous insights took it seriously, cared and prepared. Some funny stuff there! Continue reading

Braver than a 5th grader?

24 Sep

This week I must address a matter of student behavior that caused some problems last week at my Taekwondo school. The matter involves a few kids, ranging in age from about 8 through 12.  For the purposes of this post, the particular issue doesn’t matter. Rather, what matters is that I need to address it, I will, and, hopefully, will do so well.

I want to resolve the matter because I don’t want to lose any students. Sure, I don’t want to lose any paid enrollments. But much, much more so,  I don’t want to lose any student(s); I want to help them grow, develop, flourish, and move along in various ways. I want them to fulfill their potential, and I want us to be part of that. Continue reading

Not 20-20 at 20

14 Sep

I’m not sure of the exact date, but by now in this month of September, 2013, twenty years have just passed since my son Robert (now Robb)  and I started training together in Taekwondo.

He was 4 years and 9 months old; I was 33 years and 3 months old. He was a tyke who ran around the house (ALL THE TIME!) in green Ninja Turtle pajamas pretending to be Michelangelo and fighting imaginary bad guys. I was Continue reading

Tuning guitars and other matters of self-discipline

7 Sep

We recently did belt promotion testing at our school. It’s always great to see students prepared, excited, nervous, and coming through in the end.

Or not coming through.

Yes, sometimes students have material – often a board break or two – that they were not able to successfully complete at their test. Or, they just can’t remember some material under the pressure of testing. Or, Continue reading

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