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Maxing Out The Master Card

5 May

There it is again: An empty roll of toilet paper in the holder, a new roll right there on the shelf. And again: A used plate on the counter, directly over the empty dishwasher.  And again: Granules on the island, a remnant of “spoon spillage” during the transfer from container to glass. What about that greasy Pam overspray ignored on the counter? How about that goopy fingerprint on the cabinet door? The washed sauce pan, clean on the inside but needing obvious attention on the outside?  Did I mention toothpaste splatter on the bathroom mirror? Is there a contest to see how full a trash can might get before someone has to take out the bag?

Why can’t everyone just clean up after themselves, help out, notice something that needs attention, step up and do something on their own and, Continue reading

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