How Does a Warrior Confront a Virus?

14 Mar

What does the  concept of Warrior conjure up for you? Any of the following?

Bravery. Courage. Strength. Action. Being willing to step up and fight. Volunteer to do the hard  thing. Lead in challenging times. Sacrifice for the greater good. Drop ego and selflessly serve others.

What else?

I’ve been told that the meaning of a Black Belt is “Impervious to fear and darkness.” Taking that at face value, many might argue that a Warrior:

Is the one who still ventures out in public, work, church, Taekwondo class (taking responsible precautions, of course) and continue business as usual.
Helps to continue to maintain the economy and carry on with work because it still has to get done.
Chooses to be there for classes for those that are committed.
Models positive, courageous action in the midst of fear.
Is an active light in the midst of darkness.
Takes action! Don’t just sit there!

I’ve also been told that a Taekwondo practitioner, or Warrior, stands up for the weak and vulnerable. Well, if that’s the case, then a Warrior might:

Be brave by showing restraint (staying home).
Show strength by resisting the urge to do business as usual.
Show courage by moving against the tide of denial.
Take action by choosing inaction.
Step up and volunteer to do the hard thing (stay home).
Stand up to the fear of being criticized for overreacting or being scared.
Speak out against the criticism of public closures.
Lead in this confusing time.
Sacrifice for the greater good.
Act to protect the weak and vulnerable.

Social distancing isn’t about us getting sick or not. It’s about reducing transmission of the virus so that those who are weak and vulnerable don’t get sick. It’s about protecting others. It’s not about protecting ourselves or our egos.

“A Warrior is willing to courageously step up, volunteer and sacrifice to protect others, particularly the weak and vulnerable, for the greater good.” I like that.


One Response to “How Does a Warrior Confront a Virus?”

  1. Chad March 16, 2020 at 15:43 #

    Thumbs Up!!!

    Joshua 1: 9

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