My (Leadership) Bads. And My Goods

1 Aug

Five things I believe about leadership, based on my experiences:

Good leadership ensures there is a clear, compelling vision/mission and communicates them frequently. People always know and understand The Why (and The What) and are reminded of them often.

Good leadership ensures people have the tools and support they need to succeed, on an ongoing and consistent basis. If people aren’t succeeding and thriving, look back to leadership.

Good leadership focuses on recognizing people doing things well and right. It praises in public but coaches in private. Particularly, it DOES praise in public — it knows and celebrates good work and successes — and DOES make sure that it coaches as necessary. It is knowledgeable and active in these respects.

Good leadership fosters an environment of trust and open, honest communication. If people aren’t talking openly, look back to leadership. If people aren’t coming forward for help with their needs and challenges/problems . . .it’s a big problem.

Good leadership results in excited, motivated, happy follower-ship. If people aren’t happy . . .you know where to look.

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